Why do People Lie?

Everyone lies, whether it is a small, non-hurtful ‘white lie’ or something of a grander magnitude that could devastate and destroy lives. Anyone who says they don’t lie is telling a lie with those words. Have you ever said that you were busy when, in fact, you were crashed on the sofa with a bag of potato chips and your soap operas on the TV screen? Have you called out of work when you were ‘sick’ but not so sick that you couldn’t otherwise enjoy the day? Lies are a part of who we are as a human race.

Lying doesn’t necessarily become a problem or an issue worth talking about until the lies are destructive or overshadow our real lives. Sadly, this is an experience that so many endure as they become entrapped and comfortable within the lie they’ve bubbled themselves into. Once you’re in too deep, is there really any turning back? You can learn more about learning how to detect deception with a lie detector test or the information at a blog like http://liedetectortest.com.

Some people lie more than they tell the truth. Known as compulsive liars, these individuals tend to make up stories and tell lies when it doesn’t benefit them. Children, teens, and adults lie. When an opportunity to avoid punishment or other rebuke is noted with acceptance of a lie, people learn that the behavior is okay. But, why do those who seem to lie more than they tell the truth do this?

Sometimes a lie is unintentional. Sometimes it is told to avoid hurting another person’s feelings. But, sometimes a lie is told when someone feels they need to prove something to other people. They want to feel more important than they do now. They want the attention and the thrill that comes from the lies and it is far more fascinating to them than any consequences or harm that it could cause to the person they’re lying to or even themselves in the future.


People lie when they fear the truth. Some people fear the consequences of the truth and allow it to lead them down a road of deception and lies. Some lie to manipulate other people when they want them to do something they’re not doing or make a decision they want them to make. Lies are told when pride stands in the way of admitting the truth. Lies are used as a tool by these people who want to create an image of themselves that is far from the actual reality of the situation.

Lying becomes addictive to some people and they seem unable to stop, even if they try or really wanted to stop. It serves their purpose so well they hate to come back to the reality of life. It is easier to live in this world of make-believe that’s so much more enjoyable than reality and the truth. And so, these are the reasons that people choose to lie versus telling the truth.